Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sweet Hosting Pantyhose Party 2010

Sweet is one of the most incredible promoters of pantyhose fashion on the internet today. Born and raised in Canada, yet is semi retired in Orlando, Florida today still wearing pantyhose fashion daily in her forties.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pantyhose Party In Orlando Florida

Pantyhose Party is a unique theme party that surprised everyone on how much fun we all had! Ladies if you want to have fun turning your men on with a pantyhose party and find out if pantyhose fashion is for you, do you know the sexiest brand of panty hose to show off your legs in?

We have so much fun planning special dinners for our children during the holidays, so it was a lot of fun to host a theme party. Christmas time we began throwing a Wine and Cheese Party annually, but we wanted to do something unique during the year...Then someone suggested a pantyhose theme party!

Your theme party will be the most memorable and talked about for years? All our friends vote on a lcation and then we all make reservations to attend. This is a great way to connect once a year with friends that live across the country and everyone can always elect someone to host it the following year.

There are several things you must know to stay organized when throwing a theme party. The ladies get to dress in sexy outfits and the men have to worship and spoil them. Who knew you could have so much fun with tights hose, that everyone promised to return if we plan another one...So we will be hosting our nineth Annual at the time of this article. Check out the registration page for our pantyhose party!

Tights hose Party Rules Of Engagement

- Hosiery required at events.

- European tights or pantyhose are the best.

- Pics will be taken of hosed ladies with companion.

- VIP Pantyhose Limo Party.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how much fun you can have with panty hose, that you will not be able to wait for next year.

Themed Party, it goes without saying pantyhose are required for the pantyhose events. During the day when everyone is doing their own thing as a couple, sheer hose are not required of course. If you take the time to be open minded to wearing hosiery during the day, you might be surprised at the reactions you get.

You might want to try European tights hose over USA brands for the party. European brands like: Wolford, Pretty Polly, Falke, Charnos hosiery can be purchased online with incredible features like gentle graduating support, flat seams for total comfort, invisible reinforced toes and a silky feeling so great that you will actually enjoy wearing them.

This is one event that you will want to have pictures to remember it by. Pick out some of your best pictures when you get back home, then upload them to walgreens website and order prints for your friends. Then we would call each friend, sharing with them they have a surprise in the photo department at the Walgreens you sent the prints to!

Do not plan anything during the day, so everyone has time to check out the local sites. Then in the evenings we scheduled taking in a show together, tour, etc. With the ladies attending in their pantyhose. It is the highlight of the trip if you can include a Limo Pantyhose Party.

Ask those interested in taking part in a  Panty hose Limo Party for their part of the monies up front, so you can reserve the Limo early and know how many are going. If the limo can seat eight people, realistically you can only put six people in it comfortably. Also, we had thirty people one year and leased a Limo Bus with stripper poles which made for a great time.

Stop accepting money after the deadline and count the number of people going, call around for the best price and reserve your Limo while keeping some money back for a tip. I guarantee this will be the best part of the party, drinking and partying with friends in the safety of a Limo. This way the ladies can dress in their sexiest hosed outfits and men you can pimp out your outfit to impress your woman. There will be those offering money last minute to be included, only include them if there is room...Otherwise first come, first serve basis only.

WARNING: Beware, hosting a Tights hose Party you might notice strange men open doors for you, etc!

So you hate pantyhose? Then make it a Stiletto Party, although it might be easier to wear the high end hosiery all day, remember a large majority of men still enjoy seeing us ladies in hosiery. Just remember you want it to be unique and different. Find more great ideas on hosiery fashion with Sweet, even more information on our personal hosiery blog on hosting your own pantyhose party.